We often have the chance to meet new cultures and people during our expeditions. Often we need the help of locals to achieve our goals. From beginning partnerships of convenience it often happens that a deep friendship is the result, which makes it possible to take a closer look into the life of each culture. Because of that we have the possibility to help on location. Instead of bringing clothes from Austria, we try to give the people work and buy the created products in this area to help even more people.


project Nepal I / Sancho

Financial backup SANCHO – cooperation in tourism – education with Purna Tamang

A few years ago we got an education base at the “Kellerjochhütte” with the help of the owners Veronika and Günter. It was possible for Purna to visit Austria the first tim ethree years ago. He learnd quick, and so he was able to build up a first aid ward with friends in Nepal. With the help of Sancho and the team of Christine Hirber this realisation was possible. To make sure to keep this project running autonomous we try to support Purna and Sancho in the future.

For financial backup you are very welcome to donate in our STEP0.1 account. If you want to donate especially for this Sancho project, please give a usage to your donation -> Project Nepal I / Sancho

purpose of the assiciation:
Sancho is the Nepalese word for “healthy”.
The Sancho association was founded in Schwaz on April 2007.
(assiciation number 422002290).
aim of the association:
-> construction of a health post for medical supply in the villageas of the north eastern Nepalese developing region Solo Khumbu with the help of professionals
The main goal is to make sure that this health post is able to finance itself.

logo sancho


project Nepal II / hearing and speaking

education and medical support for the Chong family


It is not just of our concern to give financial and technical backup, for a long term help we have to see problems and try to solve them as good as possible. This means that we try to make people able to live independent with the help of education. Sometimes this action can be combined with direct medical support. Just like in our second Nepal project. This project is about a Nepalese boy on which we try to improve his sense of hearing with medical help in order to make him able to learn how to speak.

We got to know this young man on our expedition to Manaslu in fall 2008. He had a hearing device as a kid, but this was stolen by the Maoists while their border crossing. Since this happening the boy was hrdly able to hear and as an effect of this he was not able to learn how to speak.

Our goal is to afford a medical tretment to Chong. The first step was already done. With Veronikas and Günters help the brother of Chong, Dorje, was able to work on the Kellerjochhütte this year. This was the main step to help Chong in the next year too.

This means if everything works out well and we get the authorisation and your support, we can probably get both of them to Austria next year. Chong and Dorje then can work together at the Kellerjochhütte. In which for Chong it is very important to get medical treatment and a new hearing device to start a speech therapy.

This is just possible if both of them are able to come next year. This means we have to organise and finance the stay and the flight of both and the medical treatment for Chong.

The calculated costs for this projects are about 5000€. We are happy about every single support in this case.

Despite the financial backup, we also need help in the medical sector.

general doctor
specialist / otorhinolaryngologist
speech therapist

After the first analyses we will probably need a partner in the sector of hearing devices.

If you or somebody you know is working in one of these sectors and if this person is willing to help, just contact us –

For financial backup you are very welcome to donate on our STEP0.1 account. If you want to donate especially for this project, please give a usage to your donation -> Project Nepal II / hearing and speaking