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Since 2015 the youth education program “ski4freedom” together with (Mirza Ali and Samina Baig) is encouraging young Pakistani talents to get into the ski sport.

A short Documentary will be shown on filmfestivals in fall 2016. Here is a short Trailer… enjoi

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Ski4Freedom Trailer

Diamir Roi – Place of Angels in Pakistan اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان


On-site inspection 2006: The inhabitants call the mountain Diamir Roi. The mountain is a goal of our expeditions. It is a long way to the base camp. A way which we have chosen on our own.

The local people have no possibility to choose a better or easier way to get to their hometown. “Ser” is a little village in the Diamar Valley. It is located in the centre of the valley and is therefore the social centre of the valley. A school has been built up by Reinhold Messner recently. At the moment there are about 150 dwellings and about 1500 people live in the valley. There is no health care system at this time. Pakistan shows the common problems of a developing country. The phenomenon of migration into cities is seen very often in the country. Very little income and underemployment force the people to leave their depauperate rural area and migrate to the cities.  Mostly it is impossible for the city to stand the pressure of population, which is pushed even higher because of the high number of births. The number one problem is the mass unemployment in the slums. Thousands of kids have to do very tough work in the industry, handcraft (e.g. manufacturing of footballs or hand knotting of rugs) or in the agriculture. The reason for this is the poverty of the parents, which could not survive without the income of their children. The “united Nations” say that 17 percent of the inhabitants live with less than one US Dollar a day.


The health care system is very inadequate at most places. Well organised hospitals do just exist in big cities. In addition to this comes the fact of the bad level of sanitation and the absence of clean water. This is not just a problem of the slums, also in a lot of rural regions, which abets the broadening of epidemics like tuberculosis, malaria and hepatitis. Malnutrition strengthens this effect in a negative way. 23 percent of the inhabitants suffer on malnutrition, especially kids are really in danger. According to this the rate of infant mortality is very high:


Still a big problem in Pakistan is the discrimination of women. The public life and family affairs are still ruled by the men. Therefore forced Marriages are still very common. The partner is chosen by social aspects. Infidelity suspicions are reasons for brutality against women, which sometimes lead to honor killings. According to this malnutrition, mortality and illiteracy are more seen on girls than on boys. An effect of the discrimination of women is an excess of men: In 1998 to 100 women belonged 108.5 men.


Medical accommodation:

1.) installation of a first aid ward:

The installation of a first aid ward is an absolutely needed step for the people of the Diamir valley. At the moment sick and injured people are forced to walk exhausting distances to get medical treatment. In the future this first aid ward, with included pharmacy, should guarantee primary and emergency care with the help of specialized staff. STEP 0.1 takes care of the project development and the local implementation. The club members assure that every single dollar of donation is flowing into the project.


2.) health protection

- immunizations
- mother and child protection
- information about birth control for men and women
- sanitation information


3.) first aid training for the inhabitants

Organisation and handling in Pakistan:

- planning and controlling of the manufacturing of the first aid ward
- organisation of the registration of the first aid wards at the next hospital
- active collection of donations to assure the realisation of the project


With your contribution STEP 0.1 is able to build up this first aid ward, also called Health post, in the developing region Diamir valley. Also the primary health care for sick and injured people is assured with your financial backup. You also make it possible for professional staff to give e.g. sanitation training or immunizations.


With the help of Peter Weixelbaumer, who raised a lot of on the spot budget with his reports and with the help of Hermann Neumaier who could bring the money directly to Manan, we were able to build the cornerstones for the first aid ward in Diamir Roi.


The subsoil and the first materials are being prepared. It was possible to shorten the planning period with the help of Christina Hirber. Similar to Sancho, we want to create a well organized first aid ward in Ser. Also when you look at the landscape and the climate you can see that these two projects are very similar. Therefore it was possible to use the basic plans of Sanco and and adjust them to our region.

stephan-keck-plan stephan-keck-modell-of-firs


First woodworks were done and the area is being prepared. The next steps will be taken in 2010.


The next important steps will be the planning of a water and wastewater system, which is adjusted to the rough mountain region and to meet the claim of sanitation.


Waste water has to be cleared and the water supply must be guaranted throughout the whole year. Next step will be the planning of the power supply.

So the soon next steps are again:
building equipment planning
electric power planning

Realisation with the help of engeneers who likes to travel and visit mountains. To realize this, we plan a volunteer trip to the Diamir Roi valley in September 2010.

Organisation and placing of volunteer jobs:
In the project in Pakistan you can primarily help kids and women as well as older persons to offer them a fair hospital abidance. This social project contributes to improve the aftermaths of former political arrangements and to assist the democratic improvement of the country. A lot of organisations like schools, boroughs, institutions of health and culture are very happy about help of volunteers.

This means we need people who are willing to help on their own costs in a region which is not supported by its own country.

Who can help? Everybody who brings a sort of technical skill and do not need a daily shower. additional to this it is very important that our helpers are physical in a good shape. To reach the building site, a 3 day drive from Islamabad to the Diamir valley. From there you need another 3 days by foot. Two more weeks are then used to help active on the further planning and building.

What we need immediately:

brick layer, designer / planner, architect, electrician, pipe layer, carpenter….
And further we of course need advisors of the medical sector.

After finishing of the building we will try to provide the station with a permanent medic. The function of this person will be to give the needed aid and to train locals. In the first year we will try to find one Pakistan and one European employee.
With the beginn of the second year, the locals should be able to lead the ward. Controlling and financing will still be our challenge.

So the next step is to send a auxiliary which is in action there for 4 weeks. Everybody who has time and motivation is very welcome to contact us. Trveldetails will follow soon.

The date will be:         10. September 2010   -   08. October 2010
More details will follow, in the meantime you are welcome to contact us:

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