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100% of your contribution goes directly into the current projects. This means that every single step so far, organizational and financially,  has been covered by us privately. Also all the future organisations will be done voluntary by our members. Our main goal is to help unbureacratic and directly without financing a lot of organisation.

So the main thing is to find motivated people to give us backup to realize our projects. This is about to create a circle of people with good contacts, which appreciate and retell our projects worldwide. No matter if this is via e-mail, at events, to your friends or just in your family. Every single person is important.

All we really wish, is that you have a real will to support our project. This means you should know about our activities and also deal with it. You do not get any strict jobs from us, but you can of course join all our events or other activities. You will help a lot already just with your massage about STEP 0.1

volontary donation:
With your donation we can realise our goals locally. Of course you can choose on which project your donation should land, to make sure that your contribution is being used in your interest.

With your sponsoring you choose a long term contribution for STEP 0.1. Just in the building sector we have to rely on technical support, as well as accordant know how. With yor sponsoring it is also possible to help in other sectors like the medical sector, to guarantee financial backup for medicine and staff. Willingly we present you or your company on our website and on various press releases as our partner and sponsor.

You can choose your specific project to where your help should be used in. You will constantly be informed about new steps or the latest happenings. You can get closer information about godparenthood in the specific projects.

acquirement of highly exclusive Photos:
In the STEP0.1 Fineart Print Shop you can get yourself or for your family or friends exclusive and limited Photos. You can form the photos the way you want and put them into your wanted size. The whole profit of the photos will be going directly to our projects. Every single photo will be available between 1 and 5 times. This guarantees that you have a limited edition photo for your life.

get a member:
Everybody can get a member of our association for just 15€ per year. As a member you will always be informed about special events and of course you can help actively in our projects if you want. Members have the chance to help on location at various projects. You can find the various projects here.

active help in a volunteer job as a member:
As a volunteer you can choose the following categories:

social projects
For example in the project of Pakistan it is possible to help sexually abused children, women and also refugees to get back into their life and strenghten their conflict resolution. Other social projects try to improve the situation after political conflicts and strenghten the democratical aspect. Organisations like schools, municipality speakers, also parts of the medical sector and culture are very thankful for every help they can get.

Varios schools – pre school until high school – need the help of volunteers very very much. Here you have the chance to teach, help in sport events and keep the schoolgarden working.

In some of our supported areas the tourism is the most important income. Without this financial source, the construction of schools and hospitals would be an even bigger problem. Volunteers help in the construction of museums, renovation of historical buildings or in the development of tourism in little villages.

natur and culture protection
I this sector our goal is to help in nature reserves. In addition to this volunteers help in ecology groups for example to remove non domestic plants to create room for the domestic vegetation.

In some projects it will be very difficult to help productively on location without local support. Our goal is to see this kind of help just as an initial start for an autonomous sustainment of our projects. This means there will be jobs which will be fitted to the project. These jobs are there for members to help as a volunteer. The costs, like the costs for travelling will be covered to 100% by the attendant of the project.

Step0.1 to show:
There will
also be T-shirts and calenders available soon. Also here we care about to make sure that these products will be produced eco friendly and under fair circumstances. Of course the profit of these products will be going directly to our projects.

Bank account:
Bank for Tyrol and Vorarlberg BTV
A-6130 Schwaz / Austria / Europe
Account:     Step Zero Point One
Account No.:   000145115833
Bank Code:     16450
IBAN:    AT911645000145115833