The idea of helping

Our idea of helping exists since a few years now. You could already see some results. But now the time has come to do something special. We finally made it to found STEP 0.1 as a social and nonprofit association. With the help of many partners it was possible to create a website to begin the active work right now.

Stephan Keck Nanga Peter

At the beginning it was an expedition to the Nanga Parbat in 2006. Peter Weixelbaumer, Gianni Goltz † and me were on the way together to the mountain. We had a lot of chances to speak to the inhabitants of the Diamir valley during the journey. We decided to do something for the people there. Peter fast collected enough money, with holding lectures, to build up a firts aid ward. Just one year later in 2007 the money was brought to Manan, the mayor of the valley. The money was used to buy the needed materials for the construction. In the years 2008 and 2009 it was impossible for us to organize tours in the valley because of local riots. With the help of Christine Hörber it was possible for me to send the needed plans for the realization of the project to Pakistan. If everything works out well, we will travell with a group to Pakistan and beginn the construction of the project in the following year. From now on our association is a relief organization which helps there, where the help is needed, without lots of bureaucracy and administrative machinery – direct help is our goal.

With different activities we try to point out our function, and we welcome every member.

We could already raise some money with my lecture: “Abseits vom Normalweg” “Aside the mainstream” pictures and stories of the Keck family.

At this point i want to thank Veronika and Günter . They arrenged to hold two lectures at the Kellerjoch lodge. The whole revenue comes directly to STEP 0.1.

We thank for all the people who joined us at 2000m sealevel. You helped us with your visit to continue active helping where it is needed.


Thanks again to the Kellerjoch team, and maybe we will meet each other again on the next virtual journey next summer.

This were the first news of STEP 0.1 – from now on we will always provide you with the latest news.

your STEP 0.1 team