SOS Nepal



Help the victims in Nepal



Viele unserer Freunde und Partner sind betroffen, helfen Sie uns ihnen ein Dach über dem Kopf zu schaffen.
Also friends of us in Nepal are in trouble because of the earthquake, help them.

Wir versuchen auf einfachsten Weg mit den uns zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln zu helfen. In erster Line senden wir vorab Hilfsgüter. In weiteren Schritten werden wir eruieren wie wir uns am Aufbau beteiligen können. Als Kleinst-Organisation versuchen wir unser Bestes, auch wenn das Ausmaß der Katastrophe weit über den Grenzen unserer Möglichkeiten liegt. Was wir sicher garantieren können, ist dass das Material ohne Bürokratischen Aufwand und auch die Spenden zu 100% bei den Opfern ankommen. 
We help people in the region of Himalaya since several years with our charity club. We guarantee that 100% of the donation will reach the victims.

Wir haben in dieser kurzen Zeit schon einiges erreicht. Über 27 Tonnen Hilfsgüter sind bereits in Kathmandu angelangt. Mehr als 50 Tonnen werden in nächster Zeit folgen. Unser Freund und Sherpa Rajendra Lama sorgt vor Ort dafür das die Hilfsgüter dort angelangen wo sie am meisten benötigt werden.

All dies wäre natürlich nie möglich ohne die Großartige Hilfe von unseren Freunden und Partnern:

Kühne und Nagel – sorgen für das Cargo und unterstützen uns mit einem super Preis/kg

Sancho Nepal – Hilfsorganisation rund um Christina Hirber, ohne Ihre Hilfe wäre all dies nicht möglich

Josef Einwaller mit Team- Bergsteiger mit Leib und Seele, Josef ist im Moment in Nepal und hilft wo er kann, seine Spendengelder sorgen unter anderem dafür dass wir die Hilfsgüter nach Nepal schicken können

Axel Naglich and Friends – Das Team rund um den Red Bull Athleten hat seit heute eine Spenden Website online , Innerhalb kürzester Zeit haben Sie ein Spendenprogramm auf die Beine gestellt. Danke für dieses grossartige Engagement.

Rajendra Lama – Unser Sherpa Freund hilft in Nepal wo er kann

Private Spender – Unglaubliche Mengen an Hilfsgüter sind auf dem Weg nach Nepal, Danke an all die Spender!!





Wie könnt ihr helfen?

How to help?

Am wichtigsten sind im Moment Geldspenden. Im ersten Zug um die Hilfsgüter dorthin zu verfrachten wo sie hinsollen und des weiteren um den Wiederaufbau zu finanzieren.

Please donate so we can finance the Cargo Costs and in future the rebuilding of Nepal.


Hier unser Spendenkonto:
Every Euro counts, donate to:
IBAN: AT08 2051 0000 0001 6261
Empfänger: Step 0.1

Ausserdem werden immer noch gebraucht:
Zelte (2 Mann bis Familienzelte), Schlafsäcke, Isomatten sind am wichtigsten. Die Monsunzeit naht.
Die Menschen dort sitzen auf der Straße und es regnet oder schneit.
What the people need is tents, sleepingbags and sleeping pads

Bitte helft uns zu helfen!
Please help us to help!

Bitte senden an:
Send to:
Berchat 359
A-6135 Stans
Keck GmbH

from America ship to:
Rajendra Bahadur Lama P. O. Box 21276, 
Samakhusi, Kathmandu, 
Nepal Cell Phone: +9779851027397

Für Fragen bitte Mail an:
for questions:



Thank you



Current state of our Nepal helpmission:
Our storage in Stans (Tirol) is filling with relief supplies. At this point we want to thank all friends and helpers. Especially our friends from Italy with Ivan Pegorari.
The company Kuehne&Nagel is supporting us with a special conditions of cargo with a price of € 1,50 / KG.
The company Geiger&Platter is helping us with local Tyrolean Logistics.
Christina Hirber and Sancho are supporting us in all concerns like transportation and logistics in Kathmandu.
Daka Schwaz is supporting us by providing expedition barrels for transportation.
Paul Gürtler bought 5 brand new family tents.
And thank you to all of you who brought the relief supplies to our storage where we can make it ready for air cargo. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
At the moment we are creating packing and toll lists for the transport.
The situation in Nepal at the moment do not let us get a fixed date of when the cargo is ready to be sent. In Kathmandu planes are sent back before they were landing  because of too much air traffic.
There is still the possibility of aftershocks which makes the situation even more serious. They are running out of energy and fuel and what is worst is that the drinking water and food is getting less and less.
Our cargo partner is watching the situation to get the earliest possibility of sending the relief supplies to Kathmandu to our local partners Rajendra, Purna and Ganga.
With a guarantee of 100% we make sure that the supplies will reach the families in need, and will be shared with the help of Rajendra.
There is no special that prefers where the supplies go to. It goes where it is needed in a fair way..
We try to get the big family tents, sleeping bags and clothings to the mountain villages to replace the houses for the meantime.
We have 2 cubic meters of first aid materials to give away to the local hospitals and doctors.
That’s it for now. We keep you up to date.
Many thanks to Rajendra for the local support.
Thank you for your trust. THANK YOU


Small steps can lead to big goals.  Step 0.1 supports needy people in crisis situations like social exclusion, sickness, poverty, violence, natural disasters or war. We help people irrespective of their religious, ethnical, social or political background. While our search for permanent solutions we work together with various partners to contain conflicts.

playing kids the highlands of Peru

With our work we try to point out problems of our world.


Head of the Project is  Stephan Keck.

At the moment we support two projects:

  • DIAMIR ROI – Place of Angels / Pakistan

Planning and implementation

  • SANCHO – Help for the Khumbu Valley / Nepal

We support the project financially

street child of Kathmandu


herdsboy of the Diamir valley – Pakistan

Acquisition to STEP 0.1     -     In the past 20 years we were able to visit a lot and most notably beautiful regions of our planet. There was a time in which it was not possible for us to help other people financialy, because our little family was also leaving on the edge – respectively we chose this life. For us a dream came true to be able to live from the borderline now. To get that far, a lot of people of the poorest regions of the world helped us. No matter if it were car break downs in the desert of the Sudan or on isolated expeditions in the Himalaya. For us the time has come to give back something. With STEP 0.1 we want to support people in difficult situations. We know that we are just a drop of water on the hot stone, but SMALL STEPS CAN LEAD TO BIG GOALS. With STEP 0.1 we will help selective and directly where the help is needed.

playing kids in the highlands of Uganda

Founder of the association:


Anita Keck born on 6th August 1968  in Posciavo / Switzerland;   resident in Kramsach / Austria / Europe
avocation: entrepreneur and adventurer


Stephan Keck born on 25th September 1973 in Schwaz/ Austria;   resident in Kramsach / Austria / Europe
avocation: extreme climber / alpinist and adventurer / mental coach

Why I try to support step zero point one:
For me a dream has become true. I can live, in the meantime, on from my activities in border situations. To come so far, a lot of people from the poorest regions of the world have helped me. Is it with autobreakdowns in the desert of Sudan, or on remote expeditions in the Himalayas. Now for me the time has come to return something. With Step 0.1 I would like to support people or regions in difficult situations

What I wish for our world:
No war, poverty and environmental destruction

Why you should support Step 0.1
Because the help comes without bureaucratic losses directly in the aim.

Don´t miss the chance to create a better world.

Further members:


Veronika Felderer born  in Innsbruck / Austria;   resident in Schwaz / Austria / Europe
avocation: in winter: on my skis for Franz Weber; in summer: Kellerjochhütte Schwaz – Tirol

I was born in Innsbruck, Austria and already as a child loved to travel and look beyond borders, hence I first lived in Germany, then 10 years in the USA: Now 16 years ago I returned back to Austria with my son. During the summer months I am running a mountain hut together with my husband Günther – the Kellerjochhütte high above  Schwaz in Tirol. In winter I organize ski events for an international clientele. While living and travelling abroad I was always helped by the locals – never made to feel like a stranger or alien. I am most grateful for that, hence I want to pass on this feeling to our guests on the hut, but also to our helpers from Nepal who work for us while receiving a tourism education. By surrounding myself with different cultures I feel I am educating myself to a better understanding of different points of views. Tolerance is what I strive for. With step 0.1 I want to help provide enough food for the belly and for the brains to the not so fortunate ones in this world.


Stefan Ager born on 26th May 1988 in Kufstein / Austria;   resident in Hopfgarten / Austria / Europe
avocation: student of economy and sport / skier, slackliner

I grew up in Hopfgarten which is a skiresort in Tirol. Since I was two years old I am on my skis every winter. I have been in some places around the globe already and no mather where, the people were always friendly and have welcomed you. When I was in poor regions of Indonesia the people have shared everything with you, despite the fact that they do not have much to share. This makes me think sometimes and therefore I support the superb project STEP0.1. Have a thought too!

Management of STEP 0.1

Chairman: Stephan Keck
Vice Chairman: Florian Keck
Cashier: Anita Keck
Vice Cashier: Thomas Kirchmair
Reporter: Stefan Ager
Vice Reporter: Veronika Felderer
Advisory Board: Ullrich Steinlechner, Georg Ager

At the first constituent general assembly the whole management was elected on 15th October 2009.
The management consists of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Cashier, Vice Cashier, Reporter, Vice Reporter and Advisory Board